Development of the 1000 Series

In 2021, Hiplok launched the D1000, the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder D-lock. It was the answer to the growing problem of angle grinder bicycle theft and revolutionised bike security.

Since then, Hiplok has used the knowledge and feedback gained to develop the 1000 Series, marking a new era in the fight against theft.

What is the 1000 Series?

Designed as a range of ultimate anti-angle grinder security products, the 1000 Series redefines security for motorcycles, e-bikes, and bicycles.

Hiplok 1000 Series - ultimate security designed for motorcycles, e-bikes and bicycles
Hiplok 1000 Series – ultimate security designed for motorcycles, e-bikes and bicycles

The range builds on the D1000 with three new products:

  • The DX1000: An anti-angle grinder D/U lock developed with motorcycles and larger e-bikes in mind, offering ultimate security at home and on the go.
  • The AX1000: An anti-angle grinder anchor system with a revolutionary pivoting arm.

These products can be combined to create a complete, modular security system for the ultimate locking setup at home.

Development of the 1000 Series

As with all Hiplok products, they are designed from the ground up by co-founders John Abrahams and Ben Smith. Following the 1000 Series launch, John gave us some background on the development of the new products.

Hiplok design all products from the ground up.
Hiplok designs all products from the ground up.

How would you describe the 1000 Series?

It is designed to be the complete security system at home and away. Some elements can work individually, such as the DX1000, which you carry when you’re out on a ride. But they are designed to be modular so that you have the ultimate security setup at home when combined.

How long has it been in development?

Even before we launched the D1000, we knew there was potential to make a wider range of products.

Following the successful launch of the D1000 and the product feedback we gathered, we knew where we had to focus our attention in the next stage of development. We started designing these new products when the D1000 was in manufacturing, so it’s been two years in the making.

What were your objectives?

There were a few different objectives we focused on:

Firstly, we wanted to offer something more appropriate for motorcycles, bigger e-bikes and cargo bikes. So, we have essentially made a larger version of the D1000 to provide something more suitable for this purpose.

Secondly, since the D1000 launched, there has always been the issue that thieves would resort to cutting through whatever the bike was locked to, as it was simply not as strong.

We wanted to give people that complete security from the ground up. So, we set out to address angle grinder resistance in anchors. Nothing else on the market resists angle grinder attacks in the same way as the AX1000 and A1000 do.

1000 Series anti-angle grinder testing.
Rigorous testing formed a key part of the product development process for the 1000 Series.

And finally, all existing home security setups, for motorcycles in particular, require an anchor and chain. Chains are not only cumbersome, but they are also the weakest link for any angle grinder attack. The AX1000 is unique in form and function and removes the need for chains while giving you extended reach and flexibility.

Were there any challenges?

The biggest challenge was incorporating the graphene composite material into something user-friendly that we could put into production.

It’s taken two years and several rounds of design to reach this point, but we’re happy and confident in the finished products, which are usable, convenient, strong, and secure.

How much has the design changed through the process?

We explored many different form factors before settling on the current design. Although, some of our initial designs may make it into the range at a later stage.

This is stage two of the 1000 Series, and we look forward to continuing to design and develop new products in the future.

1000 Series design process.
1000 Series design process.

Your security is only as strong as its weakest link.

With anti-angle grinder material technology and unique design features, the 1000 Series redefines protection for two-wheel vehicles, providing ultimate security whether you’re locking up at home or on the move.

Check out the 1000 Series here.

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