1000 Series Wins Design + Innovation Award

Hiplok 1000 Series has won the prestigious Design & Innovation Award 2024.  The judges of the cycling industry’s most recognised design award commended the new range of anti-angle grinder bike locks and anchors for “setting a new standard in bike theft prevention.”

1000 Series wins Design + Innovation Award 2024
1000 Series wins Design + Innovation Award 2024

Revolutionary Anti-Angle Grinder Lock and Anchor System

Hiplok 1000 Series features the world’s first anti-angle grinder anchors and a D/U lock designed specifically for motorcycles, e-bikes, and bicycles. These products contain new material technology which grinds angle grinder discs.

Proven Technology

The innovative graphene composite material, Ferosafe, at the heart of the 1000 Series was first introduced on the world’s first anti-angle grinder D lock, D1000. Proven both through independent and real-world testing to stand up to angle grinder attacks, D1000 has prevented bike thefts since its launch in 2021.  

Using this proven technology, 1000 Series products including DX1000, AX1000 and A1000 proudly carry the highest Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond rating, as well as ART 4 Star.

A New Gold Standard in Theft Prevention

Design & Innovation Award judges were blown away by the unrivalled security of Hiplok 1000 Series. They said “If you want uncompromising security for your bike, the Hiplok 1000 Series, which includes the DX1000 U-lock and the AX1000 pivoting arm with ground anchor, is the lock for you. The Hiplok 1000 Series provides security anywhere and sets a new gold standard in bike theft prevention.”

1000 Series modular security system offers ultimate protection anywhere

It was a proud moment for Hiplok with Hiplok Co-Founder Ben Smith commenting, “Winning such a well-respected international award recognising our commitment to innovation is a great way to start the year. We design solutions for the evolving needs of riders, and the 1000 Series is a modular security system leading the way in bike and motorcycle security.”

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