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We’re incredibly proud to support our Hiplok athletes. Without their bicycles and equipment, these guys and girls cannot do their day jobs, or indulge their passion for riding. Keeping their gear secure is therefore incredibly satisfying, whilst the feedback they provide is a vital part of our product development process.


Former Royal Marine Commando and elite mountain biker Ben Deakin is as equally known for his YouTube exploits as he is for his riding. Regularly tearing down mountains whilst winding up his ride-mates at the same time, his riding passion is as noticeable as his habit of sending huge whips over jumps.


Founded following a drunken conversation in a North London pub in 2012, the NLTCBMBC (North London Thundercats Black Metal Bicycle Club) are a team of cyclists specialising in Fixed Gear Criterium racing and pizza appreciation, whilst also dabbling in Cyclocross, Track and Road racing.

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