Bike wall mount

Free up floor space and secure your bike with a bicycle wall mount. Choose an AIRLOK to completely lift your bike off the ground. Opt for a JAW to store your bike against a wall. Or choose an ANKR if you want to secure your bike to your wall with a chain.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to store and access your bike while preventing damage, wall mounts might be the solution.

One of the best ways to do this is with a Bicycle Wall Mount:

  • Hiplok AIRLOK: Sold Secure Rated Diamond bicycle wall mount that stores your bike off the ground
  • Hiplok JAW: a compact, wall mounted bike rack that holds bikes in a horizontal or vertical position

Why Use Wall Mounted Bike Racks?

Bike wall mounts are an especially great option if you have multiple bikes. Armed with one, you can keep your bikes organised and easily accessible.

  • Easy Access

This is where the Hiplok JAW excels - a compact, wall mounted bike rack that's easy to install on a wall. Rather than stacking bikes up against each other, you store them in a horizontal or vertical position. This makes it easy to grab your bike and head out on a ride, with limited faffing.

  • Protecting bikes

Your bike isn’t just a bike; it’s your bike. Your bike is important to you, and something you want to take care of.

Wall mounted bicycle racks are a great way of protecting bikes at home. They ensure your bikes don't damage one another. This way you're less likely to scratch the frame or damage components when storing. With the right bike wall mount, you also protect your bike from thieves.

  • Displaying bikes

Wall mounted bike racks give you the opportunity to display your bike proudly.

The Hiplok AIRLOK is especially good for this. Thanks to the high-end design, it's a sleek and stylish option for wall mounting for your bike.

  • Free Up Floor Space

Not only can you show off your bike, a bike wall mount gives you some valuable floor space back.

You can store your bike vertically using a Hiplok JAW, or completely lift your bike off the ground with a Hiplok AIRLOK.

  • Childproof & Pert-proof your home

Hiplok AIRLOKs are a popular way of keeping bikes out of the way of little hands!

The importance of at-home security for your bike

Another thing to consider about bike wall mounts is security level. A wall mounted bike rack is a space-saving way to store your bike, but it is also an opportunity to secure your bike.

In the UK, 60% of bike thefts occur in or near the victim’s home. So, never dismiss at-home security for your bike

The AIRLOK for instance, isn’t just a bike wall mount. It offers Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond level security. To keep your bike safe, your AIRLOK is features a hardened steel frame with a 30mm hardened steel locking pin.

AIRLOK is a stylish, yet practical and super secure wall mount for your bike.

Wall mounted security anchors

Your bike is only as safe as what you lock it to. A wall mounted secure anchor is another way to secure your bike at home. The Hiplok ANKR - ground or wall mounted anchor, is compatible with Hiplok chain locks and D locks. It offers Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond level security for your bike.

But if you’re looking for ultimate security, the 1000 Series anchor range offers anti-angle grinder security. The A1000 and AX1000 anchors can be ground or wall mounted and are both Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond. This ensures there is no weak link in your bike security. Both anchors are compatible with the 1000 Series D locks, D1000 and DX1000, for the complete security set up.

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