Chain Locks

Hiplok chain locks are made from the highest grade premium hardened steel, engineered to keep your bike safe. Our patented wearable bike chain locks are designed to be worn without being locked to the body, making it super easy to take a tough chain with you.

Our longer chains like HOME and E-DX offer maximum security for home and are ideal for locking e-bikes and cargo bikes.

A heavy duty, secure chain lock is one of the most effective ways of securing your bike, scooter or motorbike. Our wearable range now makes the security of bike chain lock practical for everyday use.

Made from hardened steel, Hiplok chain locks offer the usual visual deterrent and adaptability of bicycle chain locks, but with the ability for riders to carry around these sturdy locks in comfort.

Our chain locks are available with Sold Secure Gold and Diamond rating, meaning security now doesn't have to come with inconvenience!

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