Cycle to Work Scheme (UK ONLY)

Save up to 47% on our site if your employer offers a cycle to work scheme through Green Commute Initiative or Bike2Work Scheme.


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Fill out our quote form. We’ll send your quote within 48 working hours.

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Share your quote with your provider. They’ll get approval from your employer and send you a certificate.

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Send your signed certificate to

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We’ll despatch your order!

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What can I get?

The entire Hiplok range is available through both Cycle to Work providers. For Pre-Order items, you can request a quote as normal and we will send it to you once items are in stock.

Can I use the scheme outside the UK?

Our cycle to work scheme providers only operate within the UK.

What’s the minimum order value?

This is dependent on your provider. Bike 2 Work currently offer a £50 minimum, Green Commute Initiative currently offer a £100 minimum.  For more information on this please discuss with your provider.

What’s the maximum order value?

There is currently no maximum value order with Bike 2 Work or Green Commute Initiative.

How long does the approval process take? 

This really depends on the response times of your scheme provider and employer. Hiplok aims to provide you with a quote to share with your provider within 24 working hours.

Can I top up my order with my own money?  

It is not possible to add funds to a cycle to work purchase.

Is it possible to amend and existing quote? 

 If you need to amend an existing quote, please re-complete the request-a-quote function and we’ll get a new quote to you within 24 working hours.

Can I use it on sale items? 

Yes – we will honour any sale prices on quote requests at time of quote.

Is there an expiration date on the quote? 

Quotes are valid for 30 days.

How do returns work? 

All returns must be communicated to your provider first for approval, who will process a refund where applicable.

Will the AX1000, DX1000 and A1000 products be available through cycle to work? 

Yes, please check back at the end of 2024 for updates.  Alternatively, you can complete the request-a-quote form for these items and we will add you to a waiting list specifically for the 1000 Series through Cycle to Work.

Will stock be reserved while I’m waiting for my employer/provider to approve my certificate? 

Unfortunately, stock cannot be held awaiting approval.

My scheme isn’t supported- how do I get a Hiplok on my scheme? 

 Please contact us at and we’ll try to help, or put you in touch with a suitable retailer for your scheme.


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