Strong yet surprisingly light and easy to carry, Hiplok D locks are high on security and practicality. Featuring the patented CLIP + RIDE system and with optimal sizing, Hiplok D locks clip to bag straps, belts and pockets making it easy to take the toughest of locks with you. All of our D locks come with lifetime warranty and key replacement.

The Hiplok D lock is one of our most popular bicycle locks and suitable for most types of bike security.

A D lock or U lock can be used for standard cycles, as well as foldable bikes, scooters and even motorbikes.

Convenient, easy to carry around and crafted from hardened steel, our D locks are designed to be wearable, but can also be attached to the bike or carried in a rucksack in the way that many other similar locks have to. This ease of use and wearability is an important part of the effectiveness of a lock - if a lock is difficult to carry or inconvenient it will often be left at home, leading to an ongoing bike security risk.

Protect your bike or scooter with confidence - simply clip on, ride and carry in comfort! 

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