Hiplok D1000


  • Resists angle grinder attacks
  • Optimised for bicycles and smaller E-bikes
  • Compatible with AX1000 and A1000
  • Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond
  • Lifetime warranty



    The Original Portable Anti-Angle Grinder D-Lock

    Launched in 2021, the D1000 was the world's first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock. Using graphene composite material technology, it is proven to withstand a severe and sustained angle grinder attack. It was a game changer.

    Rigorously Tested. Independently Certified

    Independently tested to the highest security standards, all 1000 Series products proudly carry the prestigious Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond and ART 4 Star ratings.

    Optimised for E-bikes and bicycles

    With a locking area of 155mm x 92mm, the D1000 is designed primarily for bicycles and E-bikes, but can also be used on some motorcycles. At just 1.9kg, the portable D1000 offers versatility at home and on the go.

    Combine with 1000 Series anchors

    Your security is only as strong as the weakest link. The D1000 is compatible with the AX1000 and A1000 anti-angle grinder anchors, to give you the complete anti-angle grinder security set up at home.

    • Anti-angle grinder security system
    • Square profile - protecting against traditional attack methos, such as bolt croppers
    • Anti-rotation, double locking tabs
    • Graphene reinforced premium hardened steel shackle
    • Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond
    • ART 4 Star Rated
    • Lifetime warranty
    • 3 x coded replaceable keys included


    Internal locking dimensions: 155mm x 92mm (L x W)

    External dimensions: 230mm x 155mm x 40mm (L x W)

    Weight: 1.9kg

    Download the printable D1000 size guide.

    About the 1000 Series

    The weapon of choice for the professional bike thief is the angle grinder, which can cut through any standard lock in seconds. When the D1000 was launched two years ago, it revolutionised bike security with its ability to withstand a severe, sustained angle grinder attack.

    The 1000 series brings this technology to the whole suite of products.

    Angle Grinder Resistant

    Everything in the 1000 series features Ferosafe, a graphene composite material that resists grinder wheels. It's been proven to take more than 20x as long for angle grinders to cut through this material than those used on standard D locks.

    Your Bike. Your Set-Up

    Use with an AX1000 (not included) to reach your bike from multiple angles. The rotating base and pivoting arm let's you configure your set-up to suit your type of bike and storage location.

    A1000 and DX1000 in Use

    Free Up Floor Space

    To free up floor space, use your D1000 D Lock with an A1000. Both are part of the 1000 Series so have the same anti-angle grinder properties for ultimate security at home and on the move.

    Product Specification

    Shackle Diameter20mm
    Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty (10 Year)
    Key or Combination3 x replaceable coded keys


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    The Grind is Over.

    The weapon of choice for the professional bicycle (and motorcycle) thief is the angle grinder – a motorized hand tool that can cut through any lock, no matter how big, how heavy, or how expensive. To date, this fundamental problem has been largely ignored by the security industry as it has seemed too difficult to solve.

    That has changed with the release of the Hiplok D1000, a lightweight, mobile lock that can withstand severe, sustained angle grinder attack.

    The reason for the D1000’s incredible resistance against motorized attack is a material called Ferosafe, a composite graphene material that effectively resists high power angle grinders due to it’s unique chemical and physical properties.

    The application of Ferosafe within the D1000’s patent pending design results in a lightweight, mobile bicycle lock that can be used in the same way as any other classic ‘U Lock’ products, but with anti-cut properties that are unrivalled.

    No Comparison.

    The D1000 has no rival when comparing real world security defence against motorized attack methods. The performance of the D1000 compared to the current ‘best locks’ available on the market is simply breath-taking. Watch the following comparison videos for a full understanding of it’s performance:

    Ferosafe. A Graphene Reinforced Composite. 

    Ferosafe is a graphene reinforced ceramic composite - a high performing, patented, material that has been specifically designed to disintegrate angle grinder cutting wheels and carbide tipped drills with its unique combination of material properties. 

    Created in an advanced high temperature fusion process, the manufacture of Ferosafe is very precisely controlled while also being very energy efficient, achieving a low carbon footprint. 

    e in Security. And Innovation.

    Here at Hiplok we've a track record of delivering innovative, award winning, high quality security products that are built on an understanding of rider’s needs. Combining our skills and experience with those of the advanced material specialists that created Ferosafe has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

    Since the Original Hiplok was launched in 2011, hundreds of thousands of Hiplok products have been purchased, used and trusted by our customers to secure their precious bikes and accessories. Ten years on, we view the D1000 as a game changer in the world of security products.

    Why no “Tech?”

    You may ask, why is there no ‘tech’ in the D1000? Connectivity? Apps? Keyless Entry? The simple fact is that whilst we all love the benefits of the ‘i-world’ where it makes sense; connectivity and electronics cannot offer a true line of defence to a determined thief that can steal a bike within a few seconds.

    The technology in the D1000 is focused in material science, engineering and construction which will actually prevent a theft from occurring in the first place. We’ve combined material technology with tried and tested locking hardware to create an incredibly reliable and world beating piece of security equipment.

    Optimized Design. Ultimate Protection.

    Ferosafe Graphene Composite:  Resists cutting from motorized attack methods such as angle grinders.

    Optimized Sizing: For the ideal combination of portability, locking convenience, weight and security.

    Square Profile Premium Hardened Steel Core: Protects against traditional attack methods such as bolt croppers.

    Rubberized Outer Surface: Prevents bike frame scratch and improves ergonomics and handling.

    Anti Rotation, Double Locking Tabs: Highly toleranced square profile double locking mechanism doubles attack time needed.

    3 x High Quality Coded Keys: With registration & replacement key program to ensure safe keeping.

    Rubberized Weather-Proof Key Seal: Protects against elements. Scalloped design ensures easy access when wearing gloves.

    Integrated shackle and body design: Ensures smooth locking action and rattle free riding.

    Independently Certified.

    Whilst the D1000 breaks new ground in security performance; independent verification and certification still plays an important role in evaluating security products. During the development of the D1000 we had to ensure ultimate protection against all attack methods, not just motorized ones. Independent testing ensures all bases are covered when it comes to security value of any new product.

    We're proud that the D1000 is certified by the experts at Sold Secure as a Bicycle Diamond and Motorcycle Diamond security product. You can therefore have the utmost confidence that everything we claim with regards the D1000’s capabilities have been independently verified by an internationally recognised security accreditation organization.

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