Offering a robust deterrent within a lightweight & compact package, Z LOK is the perfect combination of weight and security. Inside the toughened nylon outer is a stainless steel band offering flexible, adjustable protection for whenever you need it.

Hiplok Z Lok security ties are the ideal lightweight solution for when you need quick, lightweight security for your cycle or scooter.

Ideal for use by itself as short timeframe security in low risk areas, or as additional security when combined with a cable, chain or D Lock. Secure cable ties are a flexible lock that many owners have come to rely on as part of their bike security arrangements.

With the advantage of being very lightweight and easy to carry, Z Lok security zip ties provide a security solution in instances where you may not have previously used security. The option of selecting bright colouring also means that there is a visual deterrent when you need - as well as providing a reminder to you that the lock is in place before you ride away!

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