Which is the best motorcycle lock?

Motorcycle theft is a common problem. So you need the best motorcycle lock to keep your bike safe. When choosing your motorbike lock, consider:

  • the motorbike lock’s security level
  • where you are locking up
  • ease of use

For the best motorcycle lock for insurance, look for independent ratings, such as:

  • UK Sold Secure lock rating
  • the European ART rating

Here are the different types of security. We look at which is the best motorbike lock for at home and on-the-move.


DX1000 Motorcycle Lock
DX1000 Motorcycle Lock

Best Motorbike Lock for Insurance

Best: Any Sold Secure Powered Gold or Sold Secure Powered Diamond lock

Some insurers ask for a Sold Secure Powered Cycle Gold motorcycle lock as a minimum.

Your motorcycle’s lock Sold Secure rating is important.

Sold Secure is an independent body. They test and rate all manufacturers’ locks for motorbike insurance and bike insurance.

The rating they give tells you how long the lock or anchor will withstand a sustained attack. These tests use a range of tools.

Always check with your insurer but typically, Sold Secure Gold locks are a minimum requirement. You can check a locks Sold Secure rating on the Sold Secure website. Here you can see our Sold Secure Gold and Diamond rated locks.

Sold Secure Powered Cycle (Motorcycle) Diamond

  • Ultimate Security

Resists highly significant, professional theft attempts. This includes motorized attacks (with angle grinders and drills) for several minutes.

Sold Secure Powered Cycle (Motorcycle) Gold

  • High Security

Resists multiple attacks with the strongest hand tools. This includes large bolt cropper and TCT Hacksaw attacks, for a significant time.

Strongest Motorcycle Lock

Best: Hiplok DX1000

Hiplok DX1000 is the strongest motorcycle lock. The DX1000, named ‘the toughest motorcycle lock’ is the biggest 1000 Series Anti-Angle Grinder Bike Lock.

With this lock, you get unbeatable resistance to angle-grinder to attacks – the most common method for motorbike thieves.

This is all thanks to the Ferosafe outer coating. Ferosafe is a graphene composite material that wears down angle grinder cutting discs.

As a result, the Hiplok DX1000 is a Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond lock.

You can use the DX1000 as a disc lock or – thanks to the long shackle – you can fit around the front wheel of most bikes.

Pros: Ultimate motorcycle security for at home and on-the-go with unrivaled resistance to angle-grinder attack.

Cons: Premium price (although excellent value for the level of security offered).

Best Motorcycle Chain Lock

Best: Hiplok MEGA CHAIN

Chain locks are a popular security choice for preventing motorbike theft. Chain locks offer a longer locking area, giving you more options and flexibility for bigger bikes.

The best motorcycle chain lock is the MEGA CHAIN, the longest and thickest chain we sell. For this reason, it is Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond -the highest Sold Secure rating.

Using this chain, you get a 1.3m locking area. For exra-long locking, there’s the loop end design. With the 22mm thick hardened steel chain, the mega chain is THE best motorcycle chain to buy.

To secure your bike in your garage and home, use your chains with a motorcycle ground anchor.

Pros: MEGA CHAIN provides excellent security with a long locking circumference.

Cons: Given their size, chain locks can be heavy to carry, so are best for security at home.

    Best Motorbike Chain and Lock

    Best: Hiplok D1000 + MEGA CHAIN

    Most people use a motorbike D Lock with their motorcycle chain lock. You can do this in one of two ways:

    1) Lock both ends of your chain directly to your D lock.

    2) Loop your chain through itself, then use your D lock to fix to an anchor point.

    When choosing a motorbike chain and lock combination, make sure that both locks are at least Sold Secure Gold.

    We recommend using our best chain lock with our best D lock. So that’s a MEGA CHAIN with a D1000 or DX1000.

    However, bear in mind that only the D1000 & DX1000 are part of our Anti-Angle Grinder 1000 Series. For a true Anti-Angle Grinder set-up, you need a Hiplok 1000 Series Ultimate Bundle.

    Pros: Top rated chain & D lock to double down on security

    Cons: Only the D lock is 1000 series – you need to use it with an AX1000 for a complete Anti-Angle Grinder set up.

    Best Motorcycle Ground Anchor

    Best: Hiplok 1000 Series Ultimate Bundle

    Motorcycle ground anchors are an important part of your home or garage security. Ground or wall anchors provide fixing points to lock up your bike securely.

    Hiplok has launched the world’s first anti-angle grinder anchor, the Hiplok AX1000. The Hiplok AX1000 contains Ferosafe throughout it’s base and arm.

    This unique material resists attacks from angle grinders and actually grinds down discs in the process.

    Like the DX1000, the AX1000 has Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond rating, offering ultimate security.

    You don’t need a bulky chain – for easy access & reach, the AX1000 has a pivoting arm and rotating base. Overall the AX1000 is super flexible and practical.

    Pros: The world’s first anti-angle grinder anchor. Use with the DX1000 for the ultimate motorcycle security.

    Cons: As with all anchors, once installed on the floor or wall, it is difficult to relocate.

    Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock

    Best: Hiplok Z LOK COMBO

    Motorcycle helmets and accessories are valuable. So securing them is also important.

    The Hiplok Z LOK COMBO is an ultra-lightweight zip-tie like lock, with a coded combination and steel core. Armed with one, you easily protect your bike from opportunist thieves.

    We recommend Hiplok Z LOK COMBO for helmets, panniers, and other accessories that you must leave with your bike.

    Z LOK COMBO motorcycle helmet lock
    Z LOK COMBO motorcycle helmet lock

    Pros: Super lightweight with steel core. Ratchets down to hold helmet or accessory in place.

    Cons: Low level security – for accessories and helmets only.



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