Upgrade Your Home Bike Security

Your bike is more likely to be stolen from your home than anywhere else. So, whether you store your bike in a garage, a shed or in your home, upgrade your bike security set up for a little extra peace of mind.

Check out a few of our security set-up suggestions below:

Home Security Set Up 1: AIRLOK

Your bike is awesome. Just look at it! So, why not store it like the piece of art that it is? AIRLOK is a stylish wall mounted bike hanger, with in-built security. Not just any security. Sold Secure Diamond level security. Its hardened steel frame and integrated 30mm hardened steel locking pin are going to give any pesky bike thieves a run for their money.

So, not only will AIRLOK provide a practical and super secure way to store your bike, it will look pretty darn good doing it.

AIRLOK: stylish and secure bike security
AIRLOK: stylish and secure bike hanger

Home Security Set Up 2: JAW+

Good bike storage is keeping your bike (or bikes) safe, but also, easy to access.

Introducing Hiplok JAW+. This compact bike rack, together with a Z LOK COMBO security tie, allows you to store your bike in an upright or horizontal position. Ideal if you have multiple bikes to organize!

JAW+: convenient bike storage
JAW+: convenient bike storage

The Z LOK COMBO adds a basic level of security to the JAW. But if you want some more heavy-duty security, add in a wall anchor (Hiplok ANKR) and chain lock (Hiplok HOME), to keep your ride under lock and key:

Hiplok JAW paired with ANKR and HOME chain lock
JAW paired with ANKR & HOME chain lock

Home Security Set Up 3 : ANKR + DXXL

Whichever lock you choose, it is only as strong as the point you’re fixing it to.

For a reassuring security set up, combine ANKR wall/ground anchor, with Hiplok DXXL, a maximum-security loop end chain and D lock.

Both rated Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond and Powered Cycle Gold, they are built to withstand some of the toughest of theft attacks. Ideal for E-bikes, cargo bikes and motorcycles.

ANKR & DXXL: ultimate home bike security pairing
Home Bike Security | ANKR & DXXL: bike security pairing

Home Security Set Up 4: 1000 SERIES COMPACT

Upgrade your home bike security with anti-angle grinder technology. Designed and engineered to protect motorcycles and bicycles, the 1000 Series offers a full range of ultimate security products.

The individual products in the 1000 Series can be combined to create unique security systems for the ultimate locking set-up at home.

The 1000 Series Compact pairs the DX1000 D lock with the A1000 anchor. The 360 rotational base of the A1000 gives you a level of flexibility when locking up your ride, however, it’s compact nature does makes it more suitable for bikes rather than motorcycles.

1000 SERIES COMPACT: Anti-Angle Grinder Home Bike Security
1000 SERIES COMPACT: Anti-Angle Grinder Bike Security

Home Security Set Up 5: 1000 SERIES ULTIMATE

Sitting within the 1000 Series range, the 1000 Series Ultimate pairs the DX1000 D lock with the AX1000 wall/ground anchor. Featuring a pivoting extension arm, in addition to the 360 degree rotating base, the anchor provides an extended reach, making it ideal for motorcycle security.

Rated Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond, all 1000 Series products offer the highest level of security.

1000 SERIES ULTIMATE: ultimate home bike security for bicycles and motorcycles
1000 SERIES ULTIMATE: ultimate bike security for bicycles and motorcycles



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