Sold Secure Gold bike locks offer one of the highest levels of security for your bike. Gold sold secure bike locks have undergone and passed a series of theft attack tests, using a wide range of attack tools. As a result, a Sold Secure Gold lock is a minimum requirement when you come to insure your bike. You can find our range of Sold Secure Gold rated bike locks below.

Your bike lock's sold secure rating tells you how long it can withstand a bike theft attack.

Sold Secure Gold is the second highest rating. A lot of bike insurance policies require a sold secure gold rated lock or higher. You can find our range of Sold Secure Gold rated bike locks below.

About Sold Secure

Sold Secure is a UK premium lock testing centre, owned by The Master Locksmiths Association.

It tests and certifies a variety of locks, including bicycle locks and motorcycle locks. The aim is to give consumers an indication of the lock’s strength, irrespective of the brand and type of lock (i.e. chain lock or D-lock)

Sold Secure is an independent and impartial company.

What are the current ratings?

Sold Secure has five ratings for bicycles and motorcycles, from bronze to diamond. The greater the rating, the more tests and the attack methods the bike lock must withstand.

  • Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Bronze
  •  Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Silver
  • Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Gold
  • Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond / Powered Cycle Gold
  • Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond

Powered relates to bikes with a motor of some kind. That's motorcycles and some e-bikes.
Pedal is for bicycles that have no motor.

Sold Secure Gold Rating Explained

Powered Sold Secure Gold (pedal) locks must resist a 5 minute attack, using tools such as larger croppers, lump hammers and a TCT hacksaw.

Sold Secure Gold (Powered) must resist an attack using a more advanced tool list, including some power tools.

In both cases, Sold Secure Gold rated locks offer a high level of protection for your bike against a determined bike thief.

Why is a Sold Secure Rating Important?

If your bicycle lock is gold sold secure, it has gone through a series of tests to determine its strength. You know it will offer your bike a certain level of protection.

Sold Secure Insurance Requirements

Many bicycle insurance companies require you to have a Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock to validate your insurance.

If this is the case, your insurance company will specify this.

Are there Sold Secure Gold Ground Anchors?

Your lock is only as secure as your locking point. For this reason, anchors can also have a sold secure rating. We sell Sold Secure Diamond anchors, which is a level higher than Sold Secure Gold anchors.

How to Use a Sold Secure Gold Bike Lock

Having a sold secure bike lock is one thing, but it’s important to use the bike lock correctly. Follow these tips to get the most from your Sold Secure Gold Lock.

  1. Lock your bike somewhere visible, where there is a lot of passing traffic. You don’t want to lock your bike down a quiet alleyway for instance, as it simply gives the bike thief more time to work on the bike lock.
  2. Lock your bike to a secure locking point. A dedicated bike rack is ideal. Try not to lock your bike to railings or wire fences that are easy to cut through.
  3. When you lock your bicycle, position the lock so that it is awkward for the thief to attack. For example, the tighter the lock is around the bike, the less leverage they will have to break the lock.
  4. The higher the lock is from the ground, the more secure it will be.
  5. Secure anything that's easy to remove, such as quick-release wheels or bike lights. Failing that, take them with you

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