“The TOUGHEST MOTORCYCLE LOCK” – press reviews of the 1000 Series

The new Hiplok 1000 Series anti-angle grinder bike and motorcycle locks and anchors are getting rave reviews from industry experts. Check out what has been said so far about our ultimate security line-up.

Motorcycle lock DX1000 locking motorcycle
“The TOUGHEST Motorcycle Lock” BikeSocial

Motorcycle expert, John Milbank from Bennetts BikeSocial, was one of the first to attack test the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder lock, Hiplok D1000. Subsequently, he gave it five stars for it’s groundbreaking technology as the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder lock. However, he did request a bigger version for motorcycles. Enter DX1000 alongside AX1000 and A1000, the world’s first anti-angle grinder anchors.

John set to work with a comprehensive usability and attack test. After which he described DX1000 as “Now TOUGHEST motorcycle lock” and said that the AX1000 is “highly resistant to all forms of attack”. Check out BikeSocial full review and John’s testing video.

“hiplok’s 1000 series outsmarts bike thieves” DesignBoom

At Hiplok design and innovation are at the core of everything we do, consequently that’s why we are super proud of what the movers and shakers at DesignBoom have to say. Highlighting the modular security options for motorcycles and e-bikes they focus attention on the functional as well as aesthetic design of our anti-angle grinder locks and anchors, calling out the “versatility” of the “modular security solutions”. And as you’d expect with DesignBoom, with some stunning imagery too. Read the Full Review on DesignBoom 

“Thanks to Hiplok’s new 1000 Series D-locks, you might not ever have to worry about your bike being stolen ever again.” T3

Technology aficionados at renowned gear review website T3 checked out each of our new anti-angle grinder security products. They give the low down on how each product aims to “cut back on motorbike, e-bike and bicycle theft”. Read all about it on T3.com

“ The range-topping AX1000 is different from anchors we’ve seen before.” Bike Radar

Most bikes are stolen from home. Therefore, the world’s first anti-angle grinder anchors, AX1000 and A1000, complement the D1000 and DX1000 to provide the ultimate security set up for securing your bike at home, in the garage or outside. Read what cycling industry expert, Warren Rossiter, had to say after checking out 1000 SERIES at Hiplok HQ


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