The Advantages of Wearable Bike Chain Locks

We’ve all been there. We’re out on a ride when we realise that we’ve left our bike lock exactly where we removed it from the bike.

One of the main reasons we know this happens is because of the cumbersome nature of bike locks, and in particular bike chain locks… they can be downright awkward, which means we’re more likely to leave them at home rather than take them with us wherever we go. But when it comes to finding security and practicality, chain locks can be the best bike lock choice..This is because a quality chain lock not only stands up to bolt cutters but because they have a longer locking length which gives you greater choice in where to lock your bike and is particularly suited to bigger frame e-bikes.

With a Hiplok wearable chain lock, you can benefit from the security of the bike chain, but with the convenience that comes from being able to easily take the lock with you. This is because the patented design means you can safely  wear the chain without it being locked to your body.

Let’s explore why you might choose a wearable bike chain lock and the main features of these.

Reasons to choose a wearable bike chain lock

The mere fact that you can wear this lock means you’re less likely to be leaving it behind anywhere. You’ve got it with you. Remember that old quote of ‘a place for everything, everything in its place’? Well now the place for your lock when you are in the saddle is safely around your waist  – not cast aside in your garage or left in the backpack you don’t want to take  out with you.

Another bonus about the wearable bike chain lock is that they come with a removable and washable reflective cover. Well, they do if you get them from Hiplok.  The protection means you can keep the chain and dirt off your clothing while also benefiting from the safety aspects gained from wearing reflective fabric. 

No matter the size of your waist, this will fit. Adjustable to waist sizes from 26 inches and 44 inches means it’s a simple adjustment as you take back to your bike after a winter of over indulging! 

When it comes to wearing the chain, you’re not going to be wearing it around your waist and locked into it – it doesn’t constrict around your stomach. The belt like design means it is never locked when worn so you can safely, quickly and easily remove it if needed.

Hiplok offers two different versions of the wearable bike lock.

Hiplok GOLD wearable bike chain lock

This version of the wearable bike lock offers the highest security. Again, being wearable makes it incredibly easy to carry. With a 10mm hardened steel chain and equipped with a 12mm hardened steel shackle, it’s incredibly hard to break into this level of security. 

The GOLD version is covered with a removable, washable and very durable reflective cover.  This version also has three uniquely coded keys that can be replaced only through the Hiplok key registration scheme. 

person stood over road bike with a bike lock chain lock attached around waist
Hiplok GOLD

What buyers say they love about the Hiplok GOLD is that it’s easy to carry and fast to use but at the same time does not impede you on rides. Weighing just over 2kg (around 5lbs), it’s heavier than the lighter weight SPIN, but with Hiplok GOLD you get a Gold Sold Secure lock.  You know you’ve got a lock that’s going to give you the ultimate in protection so you can ride with total peace of mind.

Hiplok SPIN wearable bike chain lock

Hiplok SPIN Neon Yellow bike lock locked studio image
Hiplok SPIN

Weighing well under 1kg (1.7lbs), the SPIN is a lighter bike chain option. It uses a four-digit combination barrel to lock rather than the key-locked system. It also has a keyless access method and is very comfortable to wear while riding.  It offers more security than just a cable type lock as thieves won’t find it as easy or fast to snip through premium hardened steel chain. .

Compared to the Hiplok Gold and its 10mm hardened steel chain core, the Spin has a 6mm chain. 

The Hiplok SPIN will again adjust to fit waists from 26 inches and will go right up to 44 inches. . The hook and loop closure is adjustable, which means you don’t have to wear a chain around the waist that needs a key or a combination password to release in a hurry. 

Our customers say they love this version of a wearable bike lock because it is easy and lightweight to wear and offers a good level of security in most everyday situations. It’s fast and easy to use, which is especially useful if you’re leaving your bike for a shorter period.

With several  great wearable bike chain lock options and two different locking mechanisms, it’s down to individual requirements  as to how you choose to protect your bike. You should consider the cost of your bike, where you are leaving it and for how long.

If you’re still using a conventional chain lock, now may be the time to invest in a solution which is even easier to take on your ride. Don’t leave home without your lock again!


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