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In Search of the Perfect Bike Lock…

Looking for the perfect bike lock? We asked Hiplok co-founder and the designer of SPIN, John Abrahams, to tell us what will make the first keyless wearable bike lock the perfect choice for so many cyclists.….

Hiplok wearable lock with combination


What’s the point in having a strong bike lock if you don’t take it with you? SPIN features Hiplok’s patented wearable fastening which adjusts to fit the waist without being locked to the body. This means that it fits the individual rider and can easily be removed, making it a super safe option for taking a strong chain lock on your ride.


This is our first chain lock with combination code. Though our maximum security locks require keys, we recognise the practicality of keyless and the 4 digit combination on the SPIN is one tough lock to crack.


SPIN is the lightest wearable lock, weighing less than 800g.  Balancing security and portability is always a task when choosing a bike lock. Despite having a 6mm hardened premium steel chain at its core, SPIN has been designed and engineered to be as lightweight as possible. Again, making it easy to take a strong chain lock with you.

Lock bike lock in town


Although some riders prefer a compact D lock, chain locks give you more choice in locking. The 75cm locking length on the SPIN means it can be secured to most bike hoops, posts and railings, making it a good choice if you are not always locking your bike in the same place.


Though there is much research and development in to new materials, right now steel is the material of choice for many bike locks as it is tested and proven to withstand tough attacks. The hardened premium steel found in the 6mm chain links of SPIN provide a good level of resistance against basic bike thief tools which provides peace of mind for most every day cycling situations.

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