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When we develop a new lock or security product it gets put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure it is fit for purpose. We work with various independent security accreditation houses across the world to certify the strength of our locks, including Sold Secure in the UK.

Sold Secure is an independent, impartial and non-profit testing facility, owned by the UK’s Master Locksmiths Association. They put locks through a variety of tests and assign a security level to them to make it easier to compare between different locks and brands. Tests include lock picking, lock manipulation, drilling and cutting, bolt croppers and other typical attack techniques.

They currently have four main categories of security level for bicycles: Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze:

Below we give a brief explanation of each category, and what it means to have a Sold Secure rated bicycle lock.

Why do I need a Sold Secure rated bike lock?

A Sold Secure rating means a bike lock has gone through a series of tests to determine its strength and suitability. Without a Sold Secure certification you cannot ultimately be assured that the lock has been tested effectively and therefore how much protection it will offer your bike.

It’s also worth noting that many bicycle insurance companies, such as Pedalsure, dictate that a Sold Secure rated lock must be used for any insurance claim to be valid. They will also often specify the Sold Secure rating depending on the value of your bike.

You can also be assured that Sold Secure’s testing methods are always up to date. They work closely with the UK police and Insurance companies to ensure they are aware of any new bike theft attack methods and consider these in their testing.

Sold Secure Diamond

Sold Secure have recently added a fourth category, Diamond, to their list for bicycle locks. This Diamond rating offers an extra high level of security for your bike and is aimed at protecting e-bikes and bicycles of high value.

Sold Secure Diamond bike locks will have been subjected to a 5 minute attack test by Sold Secure with the greatest range of attack tools, including the largest bolt croppers and drilling with high speed steel drill bits.

At Hiplok a number of our products have recently been recategorized into the Sold Secure Diamond security level. This includes our maximum security D lock, the Hiplok DX, which makes it the lightest Sold Secure Diamond lock on the market. Our key secure storage products, AIRLOK and ANKR, have also been upgraded to Diamond so you can feel assured that your bike is secure when it’s locked up at home.

Whist Sold Secure refer to this level of protection as Bicycle Diamond, there is also a rating which sits one level higher than this, called Motorcycle Diamond. This offers the maximum level of security for high value bikes and motorbikes in the highest risk areas. The test for this rating involves a 5 minute attack with a much higher tool list which crucially includes a 90 second angle grinder attack.

The Hiplok D1000 is our revolutionary new lock which has been awarded Motorcycle Diamond status and is the world’s first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock. It far surpassed the 90 second angle grinder attack carried out by Sold Secure, lasting up to 20 minutes under a sustained angle grinder attack. You can find out more here.

Hiplok D1000 Sold Secure Diamond for Bicycle and Motorcycle
Hiplok D1000 Sold Secure Diamond for Bicycle and Motorcycle

Sold Secure Gold

A level below Bicycle Diamond, Sold Secure Gold still offers a high level of security for mid to high value bicycles. Sold Secure Gold bike locks offer resistance to a 5 minute attack test, using a wide range of attack tools including a TCT hacksaw, large croppers, large crowbars and lump hammers.

Both Diamond and Gold rated locks are a great choice if you’re planning to leave your bike out in public for any significant amount of time. For example, our Hiplok GOLD chain lock will offer a high level of security and features our patented wearable design so it’s easy to carry with you.

Hiplok GOLD: Sold Secure Gold for Bicycle
Hiplok GOLD: Sold Secure Gold for Bicycle

Sold Secure Silver

Sold Secure Silver bike locks offer slightly lower security but this is reflected in the price. So if you don’t have a super expensive bike and you don’t plan to leave it for prolonged periods, then a Sold Secure Silver bike lock may be more than suitable for your needs.

Sold Secure’s testing for Silver rated bike locks include a 3 minute attack test with an enhance tool list, including small bolt croppers, a full size hacksaw, stillsons and crowbars.

Our Silver rated compact Hiplok D is a lightweight U lock that features our patented Clip + Ride system to make it easy and convenient to carry with you, whilst still offering protection against more determined bike theft attacks.

Hiplok Diamond: Sold Secure Gold for Bicycle
Hiplok DX: Sold Secure Diamond for Bicycle

Sold Secure Bronze

Bicycle locks categorised under Sold Secure Bronze are typically lighter and less robust, aimed at protecting your bike against the opportunist thief. However, they are not designed to protect against the determined thief and a full range of attack tools. Testing involves a 1 minute attack test using basic tools that can be easily concealed, such as a screwdriver, small hammer or junior hacksaw.

That said, if you only plan to leave your bike for a short period, such as a café stop or in high-footfall areas where a bike thief is less likely to operate, then a Sold Secure Bronze bike lock, such as our Hiplok LITE chain lock will be suitable.

Hiplok LITE: Sold Secure Bronze for Bicycle

Now you know the different security ratings we work to, check out our Bike Security Tips for advice on how to best lock up your bike.



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