How to lock an E-bike

E-bikes are a great, eco-friendly way to get around and make light work of the miles (and hills!). It’s no surprise that they are becoming increasingly popular both for leisure and as a mode of transport.

However, they are usually a little more expensive than your standard bike and can therefore attract the unwanted attention of bike thieves. So here are a few tips on how to lock up your E-bike.


E-bikes are a big investment so we’d recommend that you have a good insurance plan and a solid lock. You’ll want to look for a Gold or Diamond Sold Secure rating for your primary lock. They are the most secure and most insurance companies will require you to use a lock that is at least Sold Secure Gold rated.

Essentially, the stronger the lock, the better. A professional bike thief will often come prepared with specific tools for the job. Portable angle grinders can cut through most bike locks in seconds and are easily carried by thieves.

Hiplok D1000 – anti-angle grinder lock

To combat this, we developed the first portable anti-angle grinder bike lock, the D1000. It’s at least 20 times stronger than a standard D lock and will give you that peace of mind that your bike is secure.


It’s important to consider what you are locking your bike to. Always make sure that whatever you are locking to is securely fixed to the ground. A purpose-built bike rack is ideal but stay away from thin railings or wire fencing that can be easily cut.

We’d also suggest locking up in a busy, well-lit area, with CCTV coverage if possible.


The way that you lock your E-bike may differ to the way you’d lock a standard push bike. This is because the battery compartments can often make the frame slightly larger.

Firstly, always ensure part of your frame is locked. The Hiplok D1000 or Hiplok GOLD are great for doing this. If possible, try to use the same lock to secure both your frame and back wheel. Alternatively, using a D lock with a loop end chain, such as the E-DX significantly increases the locking length for larger bikes such as E-bikes or cargo bikes.

Hiplok E-DX offers longer locking length for E-bikes and cargo bikes


Your wheels and accessories will often be targeted by thieves, so remember to remove your accessories, such as lights and bags, when you lock up your bike. We’d also recommend using a secondary lock to secure your wheels to your bike. Using a chain lock and a D lock is a great combination and will further deter any bike thieves from attacking your bike.

The Z LOK is also a great lightweight option to secure your wheels or other accessories.

Z LOK – an ideal option to secure accessories

See our co-founder, John, talking through these tips here.

You can also check out our E-bike specific locks here.



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