Yellow Z LOK Combo Security Tie locking black motorbike helmet to black motorbike handlebars

Motorcycle Chain Lock Security

Every motorcycle owner will know how vital it is to find a reliable and practical method of keeping their bike safe – especially when parked in higher risk areas where there is a much greater risk of having your bike stolen.

man wearing a bag with a d lock clipped to the bag strap at the front chest area

Gold Sold Secure locks

Just as you may compare yourself against other cyclists, we’re regularly benchmarking ourselves against the very latest bike security. As the original wearable bike lock brand, we are proud to still produce the most secure, most convenient, and widest range of wearable locks.

Women securing front wheel of roadbike to Hiplok JAW compackt bike rack with a Urban Green ZLOK

Garage Bike Rack Storage

Did you know that most bikes are actually stolen from in and around the home? Securely storing your bike while in a garage bike rack is imperative.