Top places to lock your bike in London

If you live in London, it’s often quicker (and cheaper!) to get around on your bike. Similarly, if you’re within riding distance of the city and want to head in to meet friends at Borough Market or catch the latest installation at the Tate Modern, jumping on your bike can be the simplest way of getting there. No matter what you’re planning, one of the major worries for many people who choose to cycle is knowing where is best to lock their bike – let us take the hassle out of the equation for you with this handy guide.

Choosing The Best Bike Lock

best bike locks

We all know that choosing the best bike lock is important (check out our guide here), but where you lock your bike up is just as important. The last thing any cyclist wants is to come back to a broken lock and find that their treasured bike isn’t where they left it.


best bike locks


If you want to join the millions of visitors who flock to London’s West End theatre district each year, you’ll need to choose carefully when picking a location to lock up your bike. Whilst it will take a very confident thief to chance cutting a bike lock in the middle of a busy area, remember just how quiet those West End streets will be during show times. Look for CCTV, and avoid places that make it obvious your bike is going to be unattended for a long time (eg during the performance).

Our Recommendations:

Locations within walking distance of a couple of major theatres (eg the Lyceum)

  • In view of Piccadilly Circus station
  • On Shaftesbury avenue
  • In view of a hotel ie. The Savoy

Fun in the Park

best bike locks


When the sun comes out, London’s green spaces come alive and there’s nowhere better to arrange to meet friends for a picnic and to throw a frisbee around. There aren’t many immovable objects to lock your bike to right in the middle of beautiful expanses of grass, so if you’re not going to keep your bike in sight, you’ll want to know exactly where would give you maximum peace of mind to lock it up. Don’t be fooled by scaffolding and fences, make sure that a thief can’t break or walk off with whatever you’ve attached your bike to.

Our Recommendations:

Locations near Hyde Park and Regents Park

  • In view of cafes/restaurants
  • In view of Marble Arch station for Hyde Park
  • Somewhere near lots of other bikes

Food and Drink with Friends

Borough Market is a Mecca for foodies in the capital, with a wealth of fresh food and produce. Unsurprisingly it’s very busy, and with so much heavy foot traffic, it’s impractical to wheel your bike with you through all the street food stalls. So if you’re locking up your bike and you don’t want to carry accessories like your helmet around the installations with you, make use of a lightweight Z LOK or bike cable lock to secure them (and your precious wheels) to your bike.

Our Recommendations:

Locations in and around Borough Market (eg in front of cafes for safety etc)

  • In front of Monmouth Coffee
  • In view of London Bridge Station
  • By the Shard (CCTV?)

Shopping Sprees

best bike locks

It’s expensive on a Monopoly board for a reason – as one of London’s most exclusive postcodes, Mayfair is home to both high end property and top quality shopping destinations. Where there are shops, there are tourists, and where there are tourists, there are opportunistic thieves. So long as you’ve locked your bike up correctly, if you park it amongst other bikes, chances are there will be easier targets around, especially if you’ve used a Sold Secure Gold Standard D-lock or bike chain lock. It’s not the friendliest way to look at things, but hey, it’s every man and their bike for themselves.

Our Recommendations:

Locations in and around Mayfair shopping district

  • On regents street
  • Where lots of other bikes are parked

Sporting Superstars

Andy Murray and Mo Farah will both be in action in London this summer – at Wimbledon and the World Athletics Championships respectively. If you’re planning on cycling to SW19 or Stratford, give some thought to where you’ll leave your pride and joy when you know you’ll be away from it for a long period of time. Where possible, always make sure you lock your bike away from quiet areas and if possible, if you can find somewhere covered by CCTV your bike will be even safer.

Our Recommendations:

Locations near Wimbledon tennis and Olympic Park

Art in the Heart of the City

The South Bank has been the cultural heart of London for a long time, with Tate Modern at its epicentre. With Tate Britain only a stone’s throw away, and with the vast visitor numbers year-round, finding a spot to safely stow your bike isn’t always straightforward. Be smart, use two of the best bike locks you can afford and follow our tips below.

Our Recommendations:

Locations near Tate Modern and Tate Britain

  • Vapiano bankside

London is fast becoming a cycling centric city. As such it’s even more important to make sure you keep your bike safe when it’s not in use. Spare a few moments of thought, before choosing where to lock up your beloved steed and most of all, enjoy the ride!



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