At a recent demo day, we ignored the bikes being exhibited and drooled over a bike that had been parked in the entrance. Campy Super Record, Chris King, Spin Industries and Columbus Steel all wrapped up in a semi-pearlescent paint job, this thing was a serious looker. That’s when the owner, Andy, showed up and explained it was actually a bespoke bike for a customer (a custom Izoard RR) that he was testing. Digging for more details, Andy explained his brand Spoon Customs and gave us the low down. So for this month’s Store of the Month we let Andy tell us all about his workshop, Orange Row Speed Shop, and his custom bike brand, Spoon Customs.


Can you tell us how the shop got started? 

Our workshop in Brighton is called Orange Row Speed Shop, but I also own a custom bike company, called Spoon Customs. We design handmade steel bikes for the Alps and have a flexible space out there but for the UK side of the business, we needed a workshop and we needed somewhere to live. Just by chance we found an amazing space in the Laines in Brighton, that did all the things we needed it to and was perfect for a small bike workshop too, so Orange Row Speed Shop was born.

It’s a home for us (Sara and I live on site) and a home for Spoon Customs but Orange Row is also a really well located spot where people can get their bike fixed, restored or upgraded. We don’t carry much stock, but we can get almost anything next day. And Brighton is an amazing place to to be, and full of cyclists.


Can you tell us about your first bike?

‘First bike feeling’ is a thing we talk about at Spoon Customs all the time, that sense of speed and freedom that you get from your first bike. My actual first bike was a Raleigh Apple – a step through girls bike with a top box on the back. Got a bit of stick off my mates for that. But my first proper bike was a candy red GT Mountain Bike which I bought in may early teens. I rode all the time and upgraded every bit of it, and it was just amazing. I often look for one on ebay, but I’m waiting for a minter.

What’s currently exciting you in the world of cycling? 

Next year’s Giro D’Italia. It’s coming through the village where we started Spoon Customs, and where the idea for Orange Row Speed Shop started, and it looks like Froome is shooting for the Tour and Giro in the same year. He trains on our local hills there too, so we see him from time to time and we’ll hopefully be there to give him a cheer when he comes past our local in Monty. Whether he can win that and the Tour we’ll see, but that would be awesome.

How did you become aware of Hiplok and what is your favourite lock? 

I think I first heard of Hiplok when I saw your wearables at a show for the first time – they looked really good and solve that problem of having to mount your heavy lock on your frame or take up space in your bag. Z-Lok is my favourite I think – it’s awesome in the mountains, I use mine for all sorts – even locking up skis when I’m in the bar, and it’s not fiddly or cold like a traditional ski lock!


Tell us about your perfect Sunday ride?

I’m a ride guide and provide support for a pro-camp in the mountains and host other guests too and love it, but my favourite rides are with my mates. I ride on my own so much too, testing our bike designs, that I just love any ride when I can get out with my best buddies – that feels like a Sunday ride to me. Brighton has loads of amazing riding nearby and I’ve only just started exploring it, so if anyone wants to show me around one Sunday, I’m keen.

Insta: @orangerowSS or @spooncustoms

Bonus Photo of the Spoon Customs Izoard RR in all its glory.

Spoon Customs Izoard RR


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