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Lockdown Learning: Top Tips to Stay Active Indoors

Are you training smart or smart training? With restricted miles on the horizon for the time being, we’ve been thinking about how we can make the most from our time on lockdown even if we can’t be out on our bikes. Below are our picks of the best ways to keep active without leaving the home.


Turbo trainers can fill even the most dedicated riders with dread, spinning the wheels without feeling the wind in your hair (or helmet) can get repetitive fast, but with the world of smart training you can gamify your goals and keep yourself entertained whilst putting in the grind.

From the simplest set up of a ANT+ or bluetooth sensor and a basic turbo right through to a cutting edge smart trainer, completing a training programme alongside an interactive app like Zwift can be immensely rewarding. How about a trip up Alpe Du Zwift?


Doing laps around the living room might get a bit tedious but a lack of space to roam doesn’t stop you brushing up on some technical skills that will improve your overall riding. Thanks to the wonders of Youtube, a virtual coaching session is only a few clicks away. How about improving your balance by perfecting the humble trackstand?


Time to dust off that home gym equipment and get ready to be in Grade-A shape next time you can go for a ride. If you’ve ever watched any behind the scenes videos of elite level racers you’ll see that there is plenty of work to be done off the bike.

That’s not exactly what we had in mind Danny… Whilst you might not be ready to turn pro upon leaving the house, there are plenty of home fitness tips online and again Youtube is the perfect resource to find a programme to suit your riding. Check out these tips from the Fit 4 Racing channel below;


Whilst your stuck at home a DIY project might be just what you need to pass the time so how about getting your bike store in order?

How about keeping you bikes stored and secured with ANKR? Our Sold Secure GOLD rated wall and ground anchor is the perfect solution to offer a fixed anchor point for your ride when it’s at home – watch how easy it is to install below.