New product range for Hiplok

Product development and innovation is central to life at Hiplok. Every product we produce is designed and developed by our product team with the ultimate aim of solving problems we see as cyclists.

We have recently launched a brand-new range of products as part of our new PREPARE + PROTECT range: ORGANIZER, FLIPSTAND and RIDE SHIELD.

Designed to help you store, secure and protect your bikes and riding equipment, we have tried to make life that little bit easier so you can get out on the bike and enjoy the ride. Below we take a look at each product in a bit more detail to explain how we got from initial concept to final product.


One of the designs that has been in development is a product that can work alongside our maximum-security bike hanger, AIRLOK. We wanted something that allowed you to store all your bike gear together, alongside your bike, so you’re not wasting valuable cycling time trying to find where you put your shoes or heart rate monitor.

Having worked through various ideas and prototypes, the team arrived at what was initially termed the ‘AIRLOK tidy’ and a version of what you see today. However, through a series of design iterations it became apparent that the product also worked really well in its own right, either screwed into the wall or attached to a coat hanger in the wardrobe – and became known as the ORGANIZER.

The final product features two large pockets, one for your helmet and one for your shoes, plus some handy straps to store the gear you would normally take with you on a ride – Garmin, gels, sunglasses etc.


FLIPSTAND is a product that we developed a number of years ago, previously available under the separate ‘Flipstand’ brand.

Consisting of two handlebar stabilisers and a saddle protector, the purpose for the FLIPSTAND is to provide a lightweight and compact way to clean and maintain your bike, without the need for a large bike stand. As the name suggests, it is designed to work with the bike flipped upside down, allowing you to access and work on the bike in a convenient manner without damaging controls or dirtying the grips and saddle.

The main change the product team made to the original design involved the saddle protector. While previously a simple foam pad, it has been developed to also act as a tool roll, so that as well as providing protection for the saddle when laid on the ground, it now has storage for basic tools, such as allen keys, chain lube, pedal wrench etc.  

When not in use it rolls up neatly, with tools and handlebar stabilisers encased within the protector. Not only is it something that can be used at home, but can be easily transported to races or on bike trips so you can prep your bike before you head out on a ride.


RIDE SHIELD was developed during a classic case of problem-solving.  It seems that a lot of cyclists, (the Hiplok Team included), transport their bikes in the back of their cars to bike parks and races.

When transporting the bike in the car, most people cover their trunk and seats with anything from blankets and old curtains to pet liners, to protect the car interior and their bikes. There wasn’t anything out there designed specifically for a bike, which also provided an element of security when being transported.

Through a series of prototypes and testing, RIDE SHIELD was born. Designed to fit a variety of car types and sizes, it features a padded liner to prevent damage to the vehicle, a security cover, to shield your bike from view when it’s in the car, and a separate wheel holder to prevent rattling and any scratching of the bike frame.

It’s also worth noting that a bike transported on a bike rack for example, will create a drastic increase in drag, significantly reducing the car’s range. So, transporting your bike in the car is a lot more efficient, particularly for the ever-growing number of electric car owners.

So whether you’re heading to a race or up to the trails, RIDE SHIELD will protect your bike and car in transit and shield it from view, giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy the ride.

These three products represent an expansion of the Hiplok range, complementing our roots in bike security and always with the cyclist at the forefront of our mind. Our aim is always to create unique, easy to use, quality products you can trust.

Store. Prep. Ride. Repeat.



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