Motorcycle Chain Lock Security

Every motorcycle owner will know how vital it is to find a reliable and practical method of keeping their bike safe – especially when parked in higher risk areas where there is a much greater risk of having your bike stolen. There are around 40,000 motorcycle thefts a year across England and Wales, with the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) reporting that in 2019, 19 out of every 1,000 motorbikes would be stolen.

The chances of theft of a motorbike are more likely than the theft of a car. With motorcycles being smaller and lighter, they can often be quickly transferred into the back of vans to rapidly remove them from a crime scene. Thefts are also often carried out by highly organised gangs that are well practiced in overcoming basic security measures. With bolt cutters and other tools readily available to thieves, it is important that security is in place that is sufficient to work against these types of tools.

The rate of theft of motorbikes varies widely across the country, with it being of little surprise that London is the main hotspot for this type of theft. MAG figures suggest that in areas such as North Yorkshire and West Mercia, the rate of theft is at around 3 bikes per 1,000, while in London that figure increases dramatically to 87 per 1,000. 

As well as looking at how to protect your motorcycle, we also explore the convenience of these options. 

7 Tips on Securing your Motorcycle 

Here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of motorbike theft: 

  • Buy only high-quality locks and ideally use multiple locks. The more awkward and time-consuming you make it to release your bike, the more thieves are likely to choose another easier to steal bike
  • Around 80% of motorcycle thefts are from home. Find a secure location to store your motorbike and lock your bike even if in a garage. 
  • Consider fitting a Thatcham 2-3 way immobiliser if your bike does not have one already
  • Opt for a ground anchor, combined with a high security chain and lock for maximum protection 
  • Chain locks provide a quick and practical method of security for your motorbike when riding around town
  • Always park your bike in a well-lit and visible area
  • Always use your steering lock to prevent easy movement of your bike

Investing in a Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle Lock 

Here at Hiplok, we offer a range of locks, many of which are ideally suited to the protection of motorbikes.  

Undoubtedly, investing in a heavy-duty, high-quality lock such as Hiplok’s range of Gold Sold Secure motorbike locks can give the ultimate peace of mind. In addition to applying the tips we’ve listed above, any of the locks we suggest below can give you an extra layer of protection for keeping your motorcycle safe. 

The Best Locks for Motorbikes

Here are the locks that we recommend for keeping your motorbike safe: 

Hiplok Sold Secure Motorcycle Lock XL Chain.

This hardened steel lock has a loop-end 14mm chain.  The loop provides an extended locking circumference of 100 cm. Rated as Gold Secure for motorbikes, the XL Chain comes with a lifetime warranty. Find out more here

ANKR Motorcycle Gold Ground and Wall Anchor.

Another one from the Hiplok stable that is perfectly suited to motorcycle security. ANKR can be used as a wall or ground anchor for bikes, e-bikes and motorcycles, offering the ultimate security. It’s easy to relocate (when a lock isn’t in use), made of hardened steel, and prevents frame paint from scratches with its rubber end cap. It comes with all the fittings you need to secure in your garage, office or at home. Pair this with a high security chain lock, and you have a maximum level of security due to ANKR’s Sold Secure Gold rating. Find out more here

Hiplok DXXL Maximum Security D Lock and Chain 

– Another lock combination – the DXXL combines the DX Bicycle Gold D Lock with the XL Motorcycle Gold chain for maximum security and versatility. Find out more about this combination here.

Hiplok Z LOK

–  For quick and simple security for motorcycle accessories and helmets, Z Lok security ties offer a lightweight solution. Check out the Z Lok range here.  

Hiplok Locks Offer Peace of Mind

Every Hiplok lock is designed and developed in the UK by a team dedicated to solving the problems of securing your bike. Follow us on our social channels, or join our community for 10% off and all the latest developments from our team.


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