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Keeping it Zipped With Z LOK

Z LOK was designed to offer the perfect lightweight bike lock for short stops whilst out on a ride, based upon a tale of a rider using zip ties whilst at the café and cutting these off after each use.

Obviously Z LOK is the ultimate café lock, as well as added security for car roof racks, but we love hearing all the strange and unexpected ways Z LOK can be used, and how useful people are finding it.

As a bit of inspiration of what can be done with Z LOK, here are some of the most popular uses for our reusable cinch lock, as well as some more abstract ones!


Arguably the most popular non-bike use has been using Z LOK as a Ski or Snowboard lock. Being lightweight, quick and easy to use, Hiplok customers have found it the perfect thing to ensure their board or skis are where they left them before they hit the lodge.


When leaving your bike locked somewhere, it can be a hassle to have to carry your helmet around with you. On a motorbike this is even more of a problem so enterprising motorbike owners have adopted Z LOK as a means of leaving their helmet securely on the bike, problem solved!


If you have a baby or toddler at home, you’ll know how trick it can be manoeuvring a pram or buggy around, even if it did cost more than your bike! Sometimes it’s just not possible to take a buggy inside when out and about and Z LOK offers the ideal flexible protection to keep the buggy safe whilst left outside.


Here’s a bit of an unusual (and personal) one. With a toddler at home, I’ve tried all sorts of drawer locks, child locks and other anti-child measures to keep my young son out of the kitchen drawers and cupboards and to keep their contents in. The quickest, easiest and best method I’ve found so far? Z LOKS! They have the perfect flexible construction and can be easily cinched around handles to keep things secure. Good job I work at Hiplok!


We were contacted by a customer who had seen Z LOK in a magazine and had a few questions, after a conversation it turned out he was buying them with a specific use in mind – to protect his electric car charging cable. With a Tesla at home and hearing of the costs of replacing these cables after thefts he thought Z LOK would give him piece of mind and put off potential opportunist thieves.

Now that you’re thinking up all the possible uses you have for Z LOK, don’t forget we’ve got a fantastic 3 for 2 offer live for a limited time!