HIPLOK RACE REPORT: Thundercross 2

Earlier in the month, we headed down to Canada Heights Motocross course for the premiere cyclocross event of the season. Our friends The NLTCBMBC have returned with the second Thundercross. Mixing gravel, grass, mud & tarmac, a grueling course was marked out full of tight, twisting corners, steep descents and punishing climbs. Over 40 men and 8 women took on the main race, along with an “Open Race” home to such things as folding bikes, tall bikes, track bikes and more strange contraptions. Finishing the day was the “Hell Climb” a hard fought battle uphill to finally kill off the legs. We saw this as a great chance to head down and support the guys, filming the event and testing out how a certain new product stays in a jersey pocket on a ride.


“The weather gods tried to beat us, but it just made the race and the riders efforts even more epic. Some impressive riding and bike handling skills on show made all the hard work worthwhile. 10/10 would organise again.”

Dimitri Demishev, NLTCBMBC

I had to wait for a whole year for another edition of thundercross after missing out on part q, when I’d spent a month in New Zealand. My aim was to have fun and the course delivered 100%. I even tried to go for a first lap prime, unfortunately I was second across the line and had to recover after that effort for a few laps. At the end I was absolutely spent. Rad day, rad event, would do it all again.”

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http://nltcbmbc.com/blog-thundercross2.html https://fixedbeers.com/blog-index/2018/thundercross-2


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