Functional Design

All Hiplok products are designed with both form and function in mind. Our locks have won awards for their design but what does good design mean? In our book, it’s not just about the aesthetic but the usability – every new product should help to solve problems and genuinely improve user experience. There are so many good examples of form and function seamlessly integrating both in the cycle world and in our every day lives. In the words of Julie Andrews – “these are a few of our favourite things”….


We’re not going to shy away from the fact that the Hiplok DX is top of our form and function list. Featuring a 14mm hardened steel shackle and dual anti-twist locking tabs, it performs to keep the highest quality bicycles safe. But it’s the little details which make our newest D-lock stand out – integrated CLIP + RIDE system for easy carriage, a rubberised shackle to prevent frame scratch and a rubber cover to prevent dust and dirt getting in to the locking cylinder. Maximum security and ultimate practicality, comes in a beautifully slim design and of course several colours. See DX >>



Although a relative newcomer to the world of cycling, Hiplok graphic designer, Emily Tisk, chose Bamboo Bicycles as a perfect example of form meets function. “Beautiful and strong but genuinely environmentally friendly, I love the way you can build the bike totally bespoke to fit you. It means that you are part of the design process from the beginning which must give you so much more satisfaction when riding.” Buy the frame kit or attend a workshop



As voted for by Hiplok Sales Co-ordinator, Jack Danvers, and indeed central to the function of the entire team(!)j, Nespresso machines are such a staple of modern offices and homes that it’s hard to remember life without them. “For me, the Nespresso coffee machine is the perfect demonstration of how good design and function can improve everyday life. The Nespresso machine not only makes delicious coffee which is bespoke to me given the endless choice of capsules but it captures the “theatre” of coffee shop machines in a practical, easy and clean process. It also looks really great on the worktop, has never broken down in 3 years and most importantly makes my mornings manageable.”




When we asked Hiplok Co-founder, Ben Smith, for his vote on a form meets function product, it took him a while to respond “I find this really difficult as there’s so many different products that I admire for different reasons. But for overall aesthetic meets function, you can’t beat the classic Brooks B17 saddle. It’s elegance is easy to see but it’s the use of perfectly crafted highest quality leather, which moulds to fit you, that proves its enduring function. During my time at Brooks (I can still smell the leather!), I saw first hand the craftsmanship and to be blunt; the blood, sweat and tears which go in to producing every B17 – for me it’s a perfect example of beautiful yet functional design which will continue to stand the test of time.”



Chosen by Marketing Director, Francesca Smith, who is the proud wearer of a LUMO jacket. “It’s hard to choose just one product from their stand-out line but I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Brixton Messenger Bag. It combines classic design with cutting-edge technology. The materials hark back to beautiful British craftsmanship but features the ultra-modern LUMO lighting system with a power button on the outside of the bag for easy access when cycling. A padded inner laptop compartment, a waterproof lining, an easy-access outer pocket and a waist strap help stabilise the bag whilst on move making it as practical as it is beautiful – at least that’s what I’ve gained from the sneak peak!”




Central to the Hiplok product development facility and a key member of the Hiplok team is Maker-Bot. Hiplok co-founder, John Abrahams, chose our resident 3-d printer as a perfect example of accessible design practicality. “Previously, FDM Printers were only accessible through big design agencies. With the development in this technology, small but growing businesses such as Hiplok have access to these fantastic pieces of kit enabling us to realise concepts quickly and be much more dynamic in the design and production of innovative functional products. Maker-bot takes our 3d computer data and creates 3d plastic parts and models by extruding melted plastic. It is compact, with a simple user face and just performs exceptionally well. Maker-bot has been instrumental in the development of our product range and we recently used it for parts of the AIRLOK and Z-LOK prototypes, enabling us to push the design forward to production quickly.”


To see more on Hiplok Design Process, see our Hiplok Design blog >>



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