Eurobike 2019 – Unique Products From Europe’s Biggest Bike Show

We’re freshly back from another excellent Eurobike, and along with launching a new product ourselves (our new maximum security ground and wall anchor – ANKR), we were excited to get a chance to check out a host of new and innovative products from brands across the cycling industry. When we weren’t busy talking about our products, we headed over to the Eurobike Startup stage – one of the best places to learn about some of the most unique and cutting edge ideas at the show.


On a mission to revolutionise transport and  make electric bikes more accessible and affordable are Swytch. Offering a unique way to convert almost any bike into an electric bike, their Swytch conversion kit offers a practical and portable solution for those with an existing bike that would benefit from some motor-assistance. Utilising a portable power pack, motor wheel and a pedal sensor, the kit looks likely to deliver on it’s aim of being lightweight and easily removed. We’re all for empowering and enabling people to ride bikes and this means of re-vitalising existing bikes is a great option.


If you’re an athlete looking for an edge to your training routine, check out the Propilot from Praep. Designed specifically for riders, the Propilot offers a unique method of core stability training based around the Body English and core strength needed for downhill racing but applicable to all types of training. After launching the original Propilot which worked with your existing handlebars, Praep have improved the line up with their Gym, Moto and Chronium editions and as they say Praeparation is everything!


One of the most unique bike accessories we’ve seen at Eurobike (and that’s saying something!) was the Knister Grill – a basket shaped Bbq designed to clip to your bike. Perfect for weekend rides to the park! With a tool-free handlebar mount, the Knister offers the perfect thing to carry your coals and food to your preferred bbq location, then easily unclips and expands into a 26 x 49cm grill.


We’re huge advocates for additive manufacturing, or 3d printing here at Hiplok, but whilst we use it for design prototypes, Kinazo Design are taking it to another level. The E1 is their Ebike Enduro concept, featuring an integrated battery and refined geometry offering a ‘tuned centre of gravity’ ready to tackle aggressive terrain and handle dynamic riding – just as importantly it looks like a beast.


Don’t want to commit to a full cargo bike? What if your bike could transform into one when needed? That’s where Convercycle fits in, transforming from a regular city bike to a cargo bike in roughly 3 seconds, perfect for when you get carried away with your shopping. Available as a regular or electric bike, the Convercycle aims to combine the nippy, agile handling of an urban bike with the load capacity of a cargo bike.


We might be biased, but we think our new ground and wall anchor was also one of the stars of the show. ANKR has been designed as a maximum security, easily fitted anchor creating the perfect fixed point to keep your rides secure when mated with one of our award- winning chain or D locks. 


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