The world’s best-known outdoor sports show, ISPO, provided a great opportunity to check out the very best ski gear. An enjoyable time on the slopes can be down to more than the skis, board and waterproofs. Check out our top rated essential ski gear for your next trip to the mountains.

Torch: Petzl Light

Don’t get caught out on the trail or on the way to the bar for some apres ski – with ski season meaning short days, a good torch is essential. There is no better choice than the Petzl Head torch.  It’s exclusive reactive technology which senses the external conditions and provides the type of light required, from ambient to flood beam. Lightweight and super comfy to wear, it’s the epitome of super convenient, quality hands-free lighting.

Sunglasses: 100%

Just because you’ve packed the goggles, don’t forget to bring the shades. When you’re heading to your favourite lunch spot or enjoying a lazy morning on your apartment balcony, a good pair of sunglasses is essential. We are big fans of Southern California brand 100% (as is Peter Sagan). Not only do they have a range of designs to make you look like a rock star, you can trust in their PeakPolar lens technology to provide ultimate protection against snow dazzle. You’ll thank us on those bluebird days (pray for those days!)


Why take the risk? Unfortunately ski and snowboard theft remains a fact of resort life. A new innovative take on the traditional zip tie, Z LOK is a secure lockable cable tie with a steel core and super strong anti-pull resistance. Available with a key or in the larger combination lock version, Z LOK provides the perfect ultra-lightweight security option for the mountains (and also for your car rack on the way home!)


Base layers are just as important at the outer layer in contributing to your on (and off) piste enjoyment. This year’s ISPO showcased great innovation into new eco-friendly materials within sports underwear. One of our favourites was small independent brand, Crystal Flow from Germany. You can check out designer, Birgitte’s range of womens sports base wear, including a super comfy sports bra, made from recycled plastics here:



Think Gumbies and you are most likely thinking sunny flip flop days. But there is more to this Australian brand than thonged footwear. Their moccasins are perfect snuggly ski chalet covers for your tootsies. With a recycled rubber sole and recycled polyester upper designed for warmth, they are lightweight enough to pop in your case or wear them on the journey for comfy travelling.  



While we are talking removing those ski and snowboard boots, spare a little thought for your chalet mates after a full day on the slopes. Pack a can of Empire odour-neutralisng spray and everyone will thank you. This stuff is seriously good and the German based company also make an awesome anti-stain and water repellent protector too.



Need something to pack the essentials in? Look no further than another favourite brand of ours, Evoc. We’ve been using their protective backpacks and quality bike bags for years but they also make a super cool and practical range of ski bags. We like the FR Day 16l which has their integrated “LITESHIELD” back protector giving 95% shock absorption yet is also compact and lightweight enough to be the perfect companion for a day touring.

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