Getting Electric Scooter Ready

You can now ride an electric scooter legally in many towns and cities across the world as governments and councils recognise the e-scooter as an efficient and environmentally friendly addition to urban mobility.

UK Based retailer, Pure Electric, are entering the market with one of the most extensive ranges of electric scooters seen to date. As experts in the electric scooter market, we spoke to Pure Electric CEO, Peter Kimberley about what is being termed the “micromobility revolution” and got some much needed advice on how to ride e-scooters from Technical Manager, David McKinven.

Pure Electric opened its doors last month, what types of customers are you seeing looking for electric scooters?

Peter: We have 12 stores open now across the country, and each is seeing a huge range of customers come into store. They’re from all walks of life, and there’s a real mix of demographic. It seems that e-scooters have really caught the imagination of the public.

What are the reasons people choose an electric scooter over an electric bicycle?

Peter: We’re seeing our customers come into store and enquire about e-scooters for a number of reasons, but it really settles around the convenience that e-scooters can offer them for shorter journeys. People already recognise just how useful an e-scooter can be to hop on and off for those quick journeys that might otherwise see them get into a car or use a crowded bus or tube, for example.

Generally speaking, e-scooters are cheaper than e-bikes and that can be a real clincher for many. We live in strange times right now, and we’re seeing our customers looking to make smart spending decisions with their money.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s perception of e-scooters?

Peter: I think that the most striking thing that we’re seeing throughout the business is that perception of e-scooters has really shifted from thinking of them as a cool toy or accessory, to a genuinely useful mode of transport.

E-scooters really are a new, potentially revolutionary solution to many of our transport problems – they can keep people out of their cars and off overcrowded public transport, benefitting both them as individuals and us as a society, whether you’re looking at it from an environmental or hygiene perspective.

Pure Electric is built on the principle of doing good for mankind by campaigning for legislative change when it comes to e-scooter use. When the UK Government’s trials are completed and e-scooters hopefully legalised for genuine everyday use, I think we’ll see a sharp rise in their uptake that will power a lasting change in our personal transport habits.

What are the key benefits of seeing more e-scooters in towns and cities? 

Peter: E-scooters represent another form of transport that take people off public transport and out of their cars for journeys that would otherwise pollute. They’re more environmentally friendly, while being really convenient too.

So, when they’re legalised, we’ll see less congestion on our urban roads, cleaner air and healthier people.

Let’s also not forget that e-scooters are more fun to use too. Imagine sitting still in traffic or on a sweaty bus or tube, compared to being in the fresh air, making great progress and enjoying your journey outside. There’s really no comparison!

What should you look for when buying an e-scooter?  

David: First, it’s best to know what you want from your e-scooter. Do you want to be able to carry it up stairs and stow it away? Do you want ease of maintenance and durability? What kind of range do you need?

Once you know these things, you can focus on picking a model that suits your everyday needs.

Which is your current e-scooter of choice?

David: The Pure Air Pro is a real leader when it comes to real world demands. It’s the only e-scooter that can be used in typical rainy and wet weather without fear of voiding the warranty, and it’s been designed to be easier to maintain since we know that this is a concern for many people considering e-scooters.

For us, the best e-scooters offer great everyday utility for the rider with build quality and style to match. The Pure Air Pro looks good, and can carry loads up to 120kg, which is a real sign of its sturdiness and durability. You also get great servicing and support through our stores and service centres, which adds real peace of mind.

What essential gear and accessories are advisable with an electric scooter?

David: We recommend that all e-scooter riders wear a helmet. Although not required by law right now, just like a bike or e-bike, we strongly support anything that improves rider safety.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but we’ve also seen unsecured and unattended e-scooters stolen by opportunist thieves, so a secure lock is a real must. As some e-scooters are easy to carry away, you really want a high-quality lock that can anchor the device to an immovable object. I also use extra rear lights to make sure I’m visible to others around me.

I’d also recommend having a quality waterproof jacket in case of showers, while insulated gloves will help to keep the chill off in colder conditions.

Any tips around safety or enjoyment for people who are just beginning to start riding an e-scooter?

David: Feeling in control of an e-scooter is really essential for safe riding, so practicing riding in a quiet location free from obstacles is a great thing to do. Ultimately, knowing how your e-scooter works and handles is key to a rider’s safety and will be important to the safety of those around them when we see e-scooter legislation changed.

On private land that you have permission to ride on, start in a low power mode that offers smoother and more manageable acceleration to get a feel for its capabilities, and get used to braking and turning maneuvers too, as well as mounting and dismounting.

Beyond this, once e-scooters are legalised, familiarity is really going to help with integration into normal everyday use. It’ll be important to ride considerately, riding, and treating others around you with care and attention. It’ll be a privilege to be able to use e-scooters one day, and we should all really value it.

You can find out more and check out the full range of Pure Electric e-scooters on their website 



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