Designing The DX

Hiplok co-founder and Product Devlopment Director, John Abrahams, gives us the lowdown on the design story behind Hiplok’s latest maximum security D-lock.

We’ve always said that Hiplok isn’t about creating “me-too products” and the new Hiplok DX illustrates how real user feedback can result in the ultimate product.

At the start of every new Hiplok product is a desire to improve cycle security for the rider. By integrating a clip which fits easily on to belts or bag straps, we were offering the rider an easy way to take a D-lock without having to mount an ugly frame-scratching bracket.

We also know that one of the things people like about our wearable chain locks is reflective detailing so we wanted to find a way to incorporate reflectivity to make the rider more visible. By using the “lost space” within the D itself to incorporate a cable and reflective cable holder, we could solve both of these issues and the higher spec DC version was born.

DX for web

We were thrilled with the feedback on the D and in particular the CLIP + RIDE system but we got emails from all over the world asking for a more secure version. We also had a number of riders asking for a bigger version to fit the specific racks or posts which they lock their bike to on a daily basis.

As we commenced development of the DX, we knew we had to offer the ultimate combination of security and practicality – there could be no compromises. We needed to maximise the design to offer the wider locking circumference and secondly we needed to use more metal to make it more secure. As you can see, not an easy balance to strike. However, after many prototypes, late night rides, market testing and attempted breaking of a lot of shackles – we arrived at what is now the new Hiplok DX series.

DXC with Icons

We introduced anti-twist dual locking tabs on a 14mm premium hardened steel shackle to provide maximum Gold Sold Secure level security. And by both widening and lengthening the “D” space, have been able to offer a 15cm x 8.5cm locking circumference which we believe will fit most riders needs while keeping the lock within our optimal weight goal of under 1.25kg. We have also been able to offer the higher spec DX version with the much-loved additional accessory cable and reflective detailing.

For design and security, we are pleased with the result and think riders across the world will be too. We’re looking to the feedback as the first locks hit the market this month.

Take a closer look at the Hiplok DX



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