Cycling Skills to Try at Home with Pro Rider Ben Deakin

Fed up with the home trainer? Looking for an outdoor activity for the whole family? Try out some of these cycling skills recommended by Hiplok athlete and professional mountain biker, Ben Deakin. Perfect for improving your riding skills in your garden, backyard or any small space.  

And remember our health workers don’t need any more work right now so know your limits and don’t forget the helmet.

1) The Track Stand

This is a great one for improving your balance. Get both pedals level and hold! If you’re finding it tricky, an easier challenge to start with is pedal super slowly and build up to the full stand.  

2) The Tight Space Balance

A bit like a three-point turn on a bike, this one will give your legs and arms a workout and improve your skills for when you hit those trails again. As you improve, see how long you can keep maneuvering around your space. 

3) The Endo

One to impress your friends and family with, this is the most difficult of the tricks but with great challenge, comes great reward. It’s all about loading weight on to the front wheel and getting the back wheel in the air. Another full body workout while you attempt what at first seems impossible. Good luck!

So there you have it from the pro – three great cycling tricks to keep you and your household busy on lockdown – thanks Ben! Don’t forget to share your moves with us on Instagram #hiplokskills



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