Finding the best bike storage is key to enjoying your ride, particularly if you subscribe to the ‘n+1 theory’ on bicycle ownership (n being the number of bikes you currently own and n+1 being the “correct” number of bikes you should own).

If not stored correctly, lots of bikes together can become tangled, scratched and an annoyance. At best they look unsightly, at worst you may just decide ‘not to take the bike’ because it was too much hassle to reach.

So how do you store bikes efficiently? We share our top tips for getting the best bike storage for your two wheels.

1) Location, location, location

Before you even consider which bike storage products to use, decide where you are going to store your bikes. Whether it’s garage, shed, front garden or even inside, make sure you think through the easiest and most accessible place pre and post ride. For example, if various locked gates and vegetation is blocking access to your garden shed, you will probably give up on accessing it even if it does house your bike storage.

Decide where you are going to store your bike first – this will determine what storage is needed

2) Determine what you are storing

The number and type of bikes you and your household has will determine the best storage and security solution for you. And it may be that you need different bike storage for different bikes or household members. The Hiplok STORE + SECURE line offers options to suit those different needs and different budgets. For example, the ANKR MINI with Z LOK COMBO provides a great easily accessible solution for kids bikes and scooters, while for a more expensive adults bike or an e-bike, you may choose to store your bike off the ground with a hanger such as the AIRLOK which is a lockable bike wall hanger.

ANKR MINI and Z LOK are a great way to store kids bikes inside or outside

3) Prioritise Practicality

You could choose the most beautiful looking bike hanger on the market but it’s no good if it scratches your frame every time you store your bike. When choosing the best bike storage, think practical. Well designed products are as much about function as form so ensure they are easy to use and protect your bike properly in storage. It is also useful to choose products that can be versatile, such as the Hiplok JAW. The JAW is a fully adjustable compact bike rack. JAW allows you to store multiple types of bikes vertically. Because of it’s one-size-fits-all design, you don’t need to change your bike storage every time you change your bike.

JAW’s one-size-fits-all design fits all tyres up to 2.9″ so you can store multiple types of bike

4) Easy Install

Don’t buy bike storage that is so difficult to install that it ends up being more clutter in the garage. Most importantly, try and use storage that can easily be installed and moved again should you want to relocate your bike storage. Compact bike racks such as the JAW are super easy to install and move at a later date. The unique design of the Hiplok ANKR means that it doesn’t need to be chemically bonded to be totally secure and can easily be installed and moved when not in use.

Hiplok ANKR easily installs on wood or masonry. It’s unique three part design means it can easily be relocated when not in use.

5) Consider Security

Statistics suggest that up to 60% of bikes in the UK are stolen from the home or surrounding property, so not only should you aim to store your bikes efficiently, you should look to keep them secure at the same time. For maximum security, look for a Sold Secure rated product. Good options include the Diamond Sold Secure rated Hiplok ANKR which can be paired with a heavy duty chain lock such as the HOMIE for storing and securing multiple bikes, and AIRLOK the world’s only Sold Secure rated lockable wall hanger, perfect for storing bikes inside or outside. For more basic protection, the JAW wall hanger integrates with Z LOK providing a quick and secure lock up.

AIRLOK is a Gold Sold Secure Lockable Wall Hanger



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