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Getting a good lock after buying a new bike is essential in order to keep it safe. But choosing the right lock for your new bike can be difficult – from D-locks to chains, cables to D-locks, there’s a lot of choice out there. We asked our team of security expert which lock type they would recommend for different rides….

Bike Type: Urban

If you’re living in a heavily congested, chaotic city, you will have to do more than just fight for your space on the road. Big cities are full of opportunists, and reselling bike parts is a quick way to turn a profit. If you’re going to actively use your bicycle and leave it on the streets, you have to lock it with a high security lock.

Suggested Lock: Hiplok DXF

A 14mm hardened steel shackle and hardened steel body, mated with dual locking, anti-twist shackle tabs can withstand the toughest of attacks. While the integrated clips, widened shackle diameter and elimination of unnecessary weight, maximise practicality and portability. An evolution in bicycle lock design, the DX is a great riding companion while offering the highest level of protection for your bike.

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Bike Type: Mountain Bike

There’s nothing better than heading out of the city and experiencing the hills, trails, mud, on two wheels. But as most of us are not lucky enough to do this every day, our mountain bikes are often left for long periods of time at home or even when we do head to the mountains, they can be left for hours in a car or van or even overnight in our vehicles. Make sure you secure your bike (and your friends) with the toughest of chain locks – offering the highest security and a multitude of locking options.

Suggested Lock: Hiplok HOMIE

The Hiplok HOMIE is a 1.5m high security chain lock designed to secure multiple bikes. The HOMIE offers a huge variety of locking options, while it’s high quality durable fabric sleeve protects against unwanted scratching of frames. The accompanying purposefully designed integrated wall hook allows the HOMIE to be stored neatly on a wall when not in use, keeping it away from dirty floors and preventing it being a trip hazard.

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Bike Type: Folding 

Folding bikes are ideal for those who need to travel with their bike or who live in small apartments and don’t have a lot of storage space. Many people will argue that their folding bike is always with them so they don’t need a lock. But unfortunately, we have found from experience that this isn’t the case and even with your bike nearby, it’s best to protect it from the opportunist thief. For example, if you’re taking your folding bike on a train – a deterrent lock can give you added peace of mind while you take your seat a short distance from your bike.

Suggested Lock: Hiplok FLX

The FLX features a retractable steel cable lock in a compact high impact case with our CLIP + RIDE system for wearing on a jersey or in a pocket. With a highly visibility flashing red LED light incorporated into the lightweight design and a resettable combination lock for added security at short “café” stops – FLX offers security, safety and comfort on rides when you want to keep gear to a minimum.

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Bike Type: Kids

It’s important never to overlook bike security, especially where your little one’s ride is concerned. School bike sheds, libraries and parks are all places opportunist thieves will target for bikes left unsecured. A few things to consider when choosing a suitable kids bike lock are, portability, weight and ease of use. Bright colours will also make the lock more appealing to use.

Suggested Lock: Hiplok POP

Hiplok POP is a wearable easy to use bike lock designed for a wide audience of cyclists. Featuring a unique, patent pending fastening system which alllows almost infinite waist sizing and adjustability, the efficient and quick push-key mechanism makes locking up your bicycle a breeze. Perfect as a primary lock in low risk areas, or as an incredibly convenient secondary lock for higher risk use.

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Bike Type: Commuting

When choosing a bicycle to commute with you need security and practicality. That’s why Hiplok chain locks are strong yet as easy as possible to take with you. Each one features a patented wearable belt fastening which means you can ergonomically wear the bike around your waist without locking it to you. In addition, if you commute year-round, it’s inevitable that some of your journeys will take place in low light conditions or the dark. Reflectivity makes a big difference to rider’s safety which is why the Hiplok SUPERBRIGHT fully reflective wearable chain combines high visibility with high security.

Suggested Lock: Hiplok SUPERBRIGHT

The Hiplok SUPERBRIGHT Series combines safety with security. Each Hiplok SUPERBRIGHT wearable chain lock comes with an ultra-reflective high visibility water repellent sleeve to protect rider as well as bike. Available in LITE, ORIGINAL and GOLD security.


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Still need some help choosing – find the best bicycle lock for your needs with our which lock tool.



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