Battle of the Bike Locks

When talking bike security, shape can matter. You are always going to get those that venomously defend the D while others won’t be swayed by anything other than a chain. In fact, such debate is a regular feature at Hiplok HQ and we’ve heard the arguments but we thought we’d put it to Hiplok co-founders Ben Smith and John Abrahams to define their choice with a little bit of objective information thrown in for good measure!


“The Hardy Chain”

Ben Says: Although I am incredibly proud of all of the locks we’ve created, I have a real soft spot for the Hiplok Original chain lock. With it’s Sold Secure Silver rating it is more than secure enough for most of the situations I encounter. But it is the versatility that I like the most… it doesn’t matter which bike I’m riding, or what I’m wearing, or what I’m locking to, a chain works. I was lucky to live by the coast a few years ago and I would often ride down to the beach with my wetsuit on. Throwing my Original on around my waist before putting a surfboard under my arm was just so easy and convenient that it encouraged me to ride to the beach rather than drive or walk. Which meant more time on a bike and more time in the water! Win win!

We Say: Chain locks offer a great combination of versatility and flexibility and, when constructed with quality materials, a very good level of security too. Chain locks allow you to lock around a variety of shapes and sizes which gives the user more options of to how they secure their bike and what they lock to. Of course one of the issues with chain locks has always been how you carry them while riding, and it is in solving this problem that the original Hiplok design was born.

“The Enduring D”

John Says: I love the simplicity and compact size of the Hiplok D. I still remember the Eureka! moment Ben and I had when we came up with the design of the clip system. It so easy to take with me and although it’s small size means you have to be a little more selective of what you lock to when in town, the security benefit of having a nice tight locking area means it is really secure for such an easy to carry lock.

We Say: D locks can sometimes be perceived as ‘stronger’ than chains due to their ‘solid’ shape but this of course not the case and every type of lock should be assessed by what security level it offers while balancing whether it suits your needs overall. There are many factors that go into making a good lock. Quality of design, quality of material, amount of material, weight, size, intended use – all of these things ultimately determine the level of security and protection a lock offers.

So there you have it, a summary of shape. I’m not sure we’ll change any minds for those that stand by the chain or defend the D but the important thing is to look for the strongest bike lock possible for purpose and make sure you take it with you! For more on the best bike lock for your ride, see our Lock Selector









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