4 reasons to ditch the car and commute by bike

Commuting by bike with a maximum security Hiplok DX

Commuting by bike is growing in popularity and there’s some very good reasons why that’s the case. Why should you consider commuting by bike?

Save Money

With the cost of living crisis and fuel prices soaring, your commute by car is likely to be one of the biggest strains on your household budget.

Although post-pandemic working from home patterns have reduced many of our journeys, rising fuel costs are a problem which show no sign of easing. Fuel prices hit an all-time record high in June 2022 and hikes in the cost of train and bus fares are not encouraging widespread use of public transport.

Not only reducing the burden of fuel costs, but also parking charges, and perhaps even insurance and maintenance costs if you are ditching your car completely could help relieve the strain.

Have you done your own calculations of how much you’d save if you switched to commuting by bike? https://www.omnicalculator.com/ecology/car-vs-bike

What have you got to lose? These days there’s certainly a whole lot you can save.

Ditch 4-wheels for 2-wheels and get on your bike!

Locking your ride with Hiplok GOLD
Commuting by bike – secure your ride with a Sold Secure Gold rated wearable chain lock, Hiplok GOLD

Get Healthy

Regular cycling keeps you fitter and healthier and allows you to spend more time outside which positively effects both your physical and mental well-being. So why not combine your need to take exercise with your need to get to work?

Exercising on a regular basis is also proven to reduce stress and anxiety as well as boosting your mood and concentration. Building exercise into your everyday life by commuting by bike makes it become a habit. You might find that travelling by bike to work will even improve your performance and enhance your job satisfaction too.

Protect the Planet

Considering the planet by choosing to go green and opt to cycle means you’re choosing a far more sustainable mode of transport which in turn reduces your carbon footprint.

Choosing greener routes to work along cycle paths, canals and back streets is better for you and for the planet too.

Get there Quicker

Nobody likes sitting in traffic, so reducing congestion and pollution is a good thing all round, as well ensuring you arrive faster and hopefully more stress free.

Commuting with Hiplok DX
Commuting with Hiplok DX – one of the lightest yet strongest bike locks you can get your hands on

Choosing a Bike and Accessories

Buying a bike is not an insignificant decision or investment, so spend some time researching both in your local specialist bike store and online. You will find that there’s plenty of advice on how to choose the best bike options to suit your own individual needs and budget from;

  • hybrid bikes offering versatility, comfort and the ability to carry luggage, enabling you to commute alone or perhaps accompany your kids to school,
  • to the growing trend towards e-bikes to give you that little bit more power and speed than from your legs alone,
  • as well as cargo bikes allowing greater loads to be carried safely, & convenient, such as Riese & Müller (https://www.r-m.de/en-gb/bikes/),
  • and foldable bikes like Bromptons (www.Brompton.com) which work very well as commuting bikes if journeys also include train travel or an employer has no bike storage facilities.

Commuting by bike with Hiplok DX – clips onto belts and bags for an easy CLIP + RIDE

Along with buying your commuting bike itself you will find a great deal of helpful tips on investing in quality kit to enhance your cycling experience.


to reliable lights like Cateye (www.cateye.com/intl/),

Ensuring that every step of the way from getting your bike out of your garage, shed or home, to loading it up, riding and then securing it at your final destination means each step is a no-hassle part of your ride.

Here at Hiplok we design highly practical and extremely secure bike locks and storage options with independent Sold Secure ratings, to suit a range of budgets and bikes. We know only too well what it’s like to worry about the security of your valuable bike. Our aim is to give our customers total reassurance that their bike is secure so they can get on with whatever the rest of life has to offer; work or play.

Take a look here to find the best lock to suit your needs www.Hiplok.com.



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