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Berlin Fahrradschau – Fantastisch! Hiplok’s inaugural year at The Berlin Fahrradschau was such a great experience that we didn’t want to simply list the cool brands we saw at Berlin Station (of which there were many).

Instead, we’ve picked the things that we think make the world’s number one urban cycling show, held annually in the German capital, so special.

Berlin Bike Vibe

We found Berlin to be a fun, friendly, vibrant city and what makes it even...

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How to lock your bike securely It's important to know how to lock your bike securely. Having a good bike lock is essential but you also need to think about where and how you lock your bike up to help keep it safe.

"If you love your bike and don't want to lose it to bike theft then you need to know how to lock it securely" - John Abrahams, Hiplok Co-founder.

Hiplok work closely with security accreditation testing houses around the world such as Sold...

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Introducing Bikmo Plus Bikmo Plus' aim is to protect people who love riding bikes. We wanted to find out more so had a chat with Founder and CEO David George.

Like Hiplok, the BIKMO team are riders, what are you currently pedalling?

On the road, a Ribble Gran Fondo with full Ultegra and Mavic Kysrium SLs, though it’s ageing so I'll be replacing soon with something shiny and new. For getting to work and urban use, I have a Cooper Sebring...

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Spring riding essentials With the warmer weather just around the corner, the Hiplok office has been discussing our Spring riding essentials.

A new season is always a good excuse to treat yourself with some new riding gear and here are our current recommendations, including clothing, insurance, quick repair tools and the latest and strongest Hiplok bike lock ever…

Restrap – Diagonal Pedal straps

Made from recycled car seat belts, these straps...